Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Signature Leagues

Q: Where will the individual Rec Signature League circuits be formed?
Signature League playing circuits are being established throughout Southern California where strong interest recreational league play exists and where recreational-based groups or individuals are willing to step forward to organize and work to form a playing circuit in their area. The entire infrastructure for the program in regard to league procedures, playing rules, application forms, league website, scheduling, league communication and scheduling software has been established - the first priority for a circuit director in your area would be to decide if there is strong interest by the recreation leagues in their surrounding area and then establish some semblance of their circuit boundaries in an effort to keep team travel minimal. We will provide the support to facilitate the success of this program.

Q: What is the rationale behind the decision on creating the Signature League?
With Competitive club soccer starting younger and younger in conjunction with the dramatic increases in bronze level teams at these younger ages, we felt it was very important to start as young as the U9 age group in an effort to provide these recreation players with more of a transition before jumping into all-out competitive play. We feel that we have addressed this transition in our league by adhering to the recreational playing time stipulations (min. 50%), setting constraints on the financial burden incurred by parents/players, limiting distance of travel for regular season games and our commitment to provide a positive environment for all participants involved. This recreation based program was established with the philosophy… "to provide our recreation play members with an intermediary playing level opportunity that better prepares players, parents and coaches in the transition from recreational to competitive play".

Q: Is the Signature League only open to recreational leagues or can clubs place bronze level or newly formed teams in this league?

A: The Signature League circuits are open to both recreational or club teams as long as they abide by all of the stipulations as imposed by the league rules and policies. More specifically - rules regarding the formation of teams, $400 per player cap, and minimum 50% playing time for everyone. All participating groups must have a recreational play program with a minimum base of 300 recreation players and able to form "All-Star" or Signature League teams.

Q: How many players can we roster per team?
A:  U-9 and U-10 teams are limited to 14 players on the roster (recommend 11 players). U7 age players are not eligible to participate. The U-11 through U-19 teams are limited to 18 players on the roster (recommend 15 players).

Q: Who selects the coach for a team?
Each participating league selects the coaches for teams participating in the circuit.

Q: How are team rosters formed?
Teams may start with 5 freeze players on their roster. All other players must attend a Player Evaluation on the field. After each player has been given the opportunity to show their skills and be evaluated, the coach or league will select the players to make up the entire roster for the team. (Players are registered as Rec "Signature players" and under Cal South regulations, teams may not have more than 5 freeze players when being formed for each playing season).

Q: We have a team of 9 returning players and we'd like to participate in the circuit. Can't we just add a few new players to complete our roster?
The criteria for new teams and for returning teams are identical. The team may start with 5 freeze players on the roster. All other returning players and any new players seeking a place on the team roster must attend a Player Evaluation on the field.

Q: Who selects the players for the team roster?
The selection of players is up to the participating league as to how they would like to handle this situation. In most cases, it would be handled by the team coach/coaches, a small body of league representatives or a combination of both. Once again, this will need to be established by the individual league itself.

Q: Can players be selected for the team if they are from outside the participating league area?
Each participating recreational league will have to determine whether players from outside the normal league area can be selected for any team roster.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of teams that a participating league can send for each age bracket?
There is no limit to the number of teams that a league can send to the circuit in any age bracket. However, each league should properly evaluate the coaching experience, player experience and overall skill level when determining the number of teams they want to sponsor.

Q: Will a team be rejected for missing the online team applications deadline?  
A team might be rejected if they submit an application without the required application fee, rostered player minimum or not providing a home playing field for the season.

Q: What happens if we lose players after the team roster is formed?
The participating league should assist any team in obtaining replacement players if players have been lost after the initial roster has been formed. While teams would like to ensure that players are frozen to a team once they are selected, the reality of it is that players within Cal South can change teams until July 31st. At that time, players selected to a team's roster are basically frozen until the Monday after Thanksgiving. After that time, players could transfer to other teams.

Q: With the mandatory playing time, how do you handle player injuries?
Injured players may be substituted for during the game. Injuries should be noted on the official match report. (Injured players may not be subject to the 50% playing rule). Injured players may re-enter the game at the next substitution opportunity if they are deemed able to play again by the coach and referee.