Online Application Instructions (2016 Fall Season)

Please note: In order to apply for the Cal South Signature League, you must apply using this Cal South online registration system. In order to start, your team must be registered with Cal South for the 2016-2017 Fall Season as a Rec. Signature team. Competitive teams are not accepted. You must also be the listed two contacts, the Head Coach and Team Manager in order to apply online. Assistant Coaches or Team Assistants cannot apply on behalf of the team. Contact your Recreation League registrar for confirmation or assistance.

Below are the steps necessary to register for the 2016 Signature League Fall.
1. Go to Click on the "YOUTH LOGIN" button on the right side of the home page.
2. Login using your Cal South team administrator member account Username and Password.
3. Once on your "MY ACCOUNT" page, find your team under "TEAM NAME"
4. Next to your team name is a "TOURNAMENT" tab, press click here.
5. Select the "2016 Signature League Fall" name from the drop-list.
6. Click the "REGISTER" button to start your online application. Remember to click on the "SUBMIT APPLICATION" Tab to complete the process. You will be alerted if any required information is missing.
7. Once complete, all listed contacts will receive an automatic email response regarding the status of your application.

When you return to your team profile, you will see "2016 Signature League Fall" listed under the "TOURNAMENT" tab. You can click on the "EDIT" link to make any modifications to the application. Follow the instructions on each screen to complete the process and submit your application.

For additional assistance, please contact your local Rec Signature League representative.

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